Experience in the use of Varikosette

Real review of the cream Varikosette we have sent Natalie from Paris.

Varicose veins

Even today, I really do not understand why this disease occurs. It has a meaning and a genetic predisposition, and emphasizing the work, and pregnancy. But when it happens, it is necessary to live somehow. It is not easy to know what to heal, once and for all impossible.

The diagnosis "varicose veins" I put last year.

I realized that I need to pay more attention to this problem and if it is not to negligence, it is possible to improve the quality of life. Must be constantly observed by a doctor - phlebologist (or surgeon), to undergo treatment courses - to-drink products and apply a cream intended for the treatment of varicose veins.

If it is not lazy and execute these recommendations, the state will be much better.

Before I went to the doctor a year, suffering from "heavy legs" symptom is called rather strange, but it is frustrating: as if the feet of the sandbags tied. I want the legs to lift and throw. Even walking was difficult, sometimes, the weight is felt immediately in the morning upon awakening - it was a nasty phenomenon.

Treatment: pills and ointments

Cream Varikosette

After I examine, now twice a year, I drink a course of drugs to try not to do heavy and always pay attention to creams that are designed to apply to patients with venous insufficiency.

Absolutely there are several ointments in the sale, so to speak, the official medical ointments, which are sold in us pharmacies. There are tools to the companies to have a network of distributors on the website aliexpress. I recently wrote, I want to see what this cream.

While I acquired what I saw on the Internet cream Varikosette.

Cream Varikosette

This cream is for the treatment of varicose veins. Tool for feet, which consists of Troxerutin is a well-known tool and there are herbal extracts that improve the circulation and nutrition of cells, relieve pain, reduce fatigue and, as written in the instructions, even contribute to the dissolution of blood clots.

Tube of cream Varikosette

Of blood clots I have, luckily, not - this survey of "Duplex of the veins of the lower extremities".

Cream I decided to try: and maybe help me to relieve the unpleasant symptoms.

I have to say that the course of tablets lasting several months. And now I have any type of acute illness such as before you seek medical attention.

Of the packaging.

Cream Packed in plastic tube, it looks like a beige, cream. Must be used in a certain way.

I did so, as I have learned from the surgeon.

Method of application

In the first place you need to make a douche for the feet, going in cold water, and then a point on the inner line of the thigh, in a straight line from the groin to the heel and apply the cream. Then paint it on the skin until absorbed. He leaves no sense of stickiness.

Package cream Varikosette

In this case, the consumption of resources is very economical.

My results with the cream Varikosette

Experience in the use of the cream Varikosette

The effect of this cream I liked I can't say that this is a panacea, but the effect is, it has a calming effect.

Now I feel much better. Of course, of course, I spent a month ago, it makes you feel, but the cream works effectively.

Advantages: Plant structure, economic, consumer.

Disadvantages: High price.