Running with varicose veins: pros and cons

An important component of the complex of treatment measures for varicose veins is exercise. Can I run with varicose veins? It will be useful and what are the contraindications? We will see what can be the impact of running in the veins of the lower extremities.

Use and the rules of operation with varicose veins

Given that varicose veins is due to weakening of the walls of the blood vessels and stagnation of blood in them, one of the aspects of the treatment to improve the blood circulation in the lower extremities. This can be achieved through physical activity. In this sense, running with varicose veins may be justified, but its use is possible only in the observance of certain rules.

running with varicose veins

Among them, the need to give a few:

  • a criterion of prudence;
  • appropriate clothing and footwear;
  • the rest of it.

A prudent approach

This means that we should not try to cure varicose veins with the help of running in a short period of time, the exposure of the organism to severe stress. Implementation should be easy and short period of time, – Run, on average, of no more than 20 minutes.

Appropriate clothing and footwear

Perfect operation smooth and breathable running shoes with orthopedic footbed. It is important that the shoes were light and comfortable.

Before exercise you have to use compression tights or to wrap the Shin and the calf with a bandage stretchy. The bandages and the clothes should not compress the skin to prevent the circulation of the blood, and the sense of the formation, was lost.


Although after a easy in the short term, a strong feeling of fatigue is usually not coming home, you need to give the feet a rest. To do this, go to sleep and raise them as high as possible. After taking a bath of contrast is another auxiliary tool in the fight against varicose veins.

Contraindications to run with varicose veins in the legs

In some cases, this type of training can do more harm than good. These include:

  • comorbidities
  • weight,
  • it is not an approach sensitive.


The first mention of thrombophlebitis. If varicose veins runs the point where the veins are inflamed and form blood clots, stream strictly contraindicated. This can lead to the separation of blood clot that can occlude a vessel in the heart or the brain.

In addition, some diseases of the spine and joints to remove the current load. It is important in the research of the treatment of a disease does not aggravate others.


The presence of overweight in itself is not useful. When run creates additional load on the leg that is not necessary. For the spine this is not the best option.

It is not an approach sensitive

Long-distance, or the desire to run maximum speed which you can be seriously hurt due to the excessive load on the legs and lead to the development of thrombophlebitis.

Another manifestation is not a reasonable approach is the neglect of clothing and shoes. A compression garment is necessary that the circulation is uniformly increased, while the light from the veins it was not too big, and it stretched even more. The wrong footwear can also create unnecessary tension or interrupt the blood flow. In addition, it can do harm to joints and the spine. From here, running in heels to the bus cannot be considered curative.

How can I replace Running with varicose veins?

If for any reason the race must refuse, it can be replaced by other physical efforts. The most secure method of varicose veins are:

  • walk;
  • water aerobics;
  • swimming pool;
  • Oriental Dance;
  • stretching exercises and improve the circulation of the blood;
  • specific exercises for varicose veins.



This sport is the closest one to the race, which has much less side effects. It is not only a fast walk – when walking you need to clearly put the first foot on the heel and toe, while on the upper part. Then, the focus moves to the tip.

Another type of these sessions – Nordic walking with sticks, which trains many muscle groups.

Water aerobics

Water exercises, that are carried out under the supervision of the trainer in the group rhythmic of the music. Intense exercise is not provided, which is important for varicose veins. The exercises allow the water to do a light massage all the muscles, to relax, and gives blood freely to circulate. The excess weight is not a problem for these exercises, because thanks to the support of the water, there's no excessive load on the joints and the muscles.


As with water aerobics, water massage of the whole body. But when swimming, especially breaststroke, strengthening the calf improves the blood circulation. Same horizontal position when swimming promotes good circulation of the blood throughout the body. Improves the function of the cardiovascular system.

Oriental Dance

They also have a number of advantages. In the first place, it is the aesthetic experience, which positively influences their self-esteem. Secondly, regular exercises keep the body muscles in perfect condition. But it is very important to choose a good trainer, who understands that the stress permitted by varicose veins, and which are not. Too active dancing can be contraindicated in thrombophlebitis.

Stretching exercises

The most economic option is to do stretching exercises at home by yourself. You can regular exercises starting with warm-up. After this, you have to go to stretching exercises static – they are perfect for beginners and eliminates the sharp movement. Normally, during a workout, you can feel the stretch the muscles and improves the circulation of the blood.

Specific exercises for varicose veins

There are exercises of gymnastics which aim directly to combat varicose veins. These exercises can begin immediately after waking up, lying in bed:

  • You need to pull socks on itself, and you can feel how tense and "wake up" the calves. Then, tilt the socks again. Repeat is always fun.
  • Then developed ankle joint. To do this, make circular movements with the feet, first to one and then in the other direction.
  • The following exercises involve leg work in the weight. "Bike" is familiar to many from childhood, and the benefits of this financial year remains unchanged.
  • After the "bike" can do "scissors" – straight leg on the weight in the first place you need to play it to the band, and after crossing. This exercise not only can improve the blood circulation of the feet, but also to train the abdominal muscles.

From any workouts besides running, to reject the varicose veins of the legs?

There are types of training that without a doubt has to give with varicose veins. These include step aerobics, exercises with weights more than three pounds, any jumps, including through the rope. Can damage the veins fast squats "the use of force" excessive and stretching exercises.

exercise varicose veins

Running is a valid way of support of the body with varicose veins, if there are no diseases concomitant, that could make it worse. If Running is contraindicated, can be substituted for walking, aerobics, swimming, dancing or exercise. The most important thing to remember about prudence, and to participate in the complex treatment of the disease.