The first signs of the initial stage of varicose veins in the photo and how to treat

Varicose veins in the legs is manifested by the distention of the veins that are peripheral, due to problems of blood flow in them. The prevalence of diseases is very wide, according to medical statistics in developed countries, 89% of the female population and 69% of men suffer from varicose veins to varying degrees. Dilatation is considered an insidious disease, because the initial stage of varicose veins has symptoms similar to the usual foot fatigue. However, properly recognition of the signs of varicose veins, your initial stage, the patient will be able to start the treatment in time. The therapy in the first stage, does not require large financial costs and avoid the development of disease and complications.

Varicose veins

What is the insidiousness of the disease

Among the main causes of varicose veins secrete by hereditary factors, sedentary lifestyle, postpartum complications, comorbidities. The development of varicose veins in the legs of the first extent (initial stage) receives as a result of the slowing of the current of venous blood. After of clots, increased venous pressure. With the development of the disease it is a torsion of the veins loses its normal appearance and become visible under the skin.

More dangerous is thrombosis, which may be developed in the framework of the varicose veins. Blood clots, tearing them from the walls of the veins and released in the lungs can lead to a result that is lethal. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to the symptoms of varicose veins in the initial stages, timely professional help and the proper treatment will stop the development of the disease.

The signs of the disease

The first stage is characterized by a pair of symptoms, the manifestation of which is quite nonspecific. Thus, varicose veins in the first degree is characterized by a feeling of heaviness in the legs and fatigue. Present in the initial phase (as) and other symptoms.

  • The formation of spider veins.
  • A little bit of inflammation.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • The pain.
  • A burning sensation.

The photo shows the first stage of the disease, it looks like varicose veins in the beginning of its development.


Varicose veins is developed slowly, from two months to several years, so that these symptoms in the initial stages may manifest only after prolonged standing on the feet, at night. Subsequently, a lot more often, even if weather conditions change.

To diagnose varicose veins of the physician involved in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease, which prescribes venography, where the x-ray examines the affected blood vessels in the early stages. Drawing on the photos, the visual inspection, anamnesis, symptoms, the specialist will make an accurate conclusion. Unfortunately, you can't always recognize the vasodilation, so the patient may be assigned to duplex scanning of the veins.

Therapy pathology

Treatment and symptoms of varicose veins in the legs of the first degree possible at home. Assistance in dealing with the manifestation of symptoms in the initial phases have conservative treatment, drug therapy, recipes of traditional medicine. After agreeing with the doctor, method and media, which will serve to prevent the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms (allergies) and speed up the healing process. The effectiveness of the fund in the initial phase of demonstrate before and after treatment.

Conservative therapy

The basis of conservative treatment at home is a set of preventive measures aimed at improving the well-being of the patient, and that slows down the progression of the disease.

Varicose veins in the initial phase involves the exclusion from the diet of the patient fried and spicy foods, fats, carbonated beverages. It is necessary to increase the consumption of these products:

  • Vegetables (cabbage of different kinds, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, vegetables).
  • Salads, dressed with vegetable oil.
  • Fruits (oranges, apricots, apples, lemons).
  • Red Fruits (cherry, blackcurrant).
  • New.
  • Natural fruit juices, fruit drinks, and fruit drinks.

In order to eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins, it is important to pay attention to the sport, regular exercise (photo or video) in the first degree of the varicose veins in the legs will help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improves blood flow, but the General state of the body. It is not recommended in the initial stages of the pathology of power and shock loading. Welcome to the swimming, aerobics, walking, Running, Golf.

To treat the vasodilation of the veins in the initial phase, you can use gauze dressings. This treatment is due to the uniform distribution of the pressure on the blood vessels and capillaries. The compression tights can eliminate the inflammation, improve the flow of lymph. Also therapy for slimming underwear that reduces the diameter of blood vessels, which eliminates the accumulation of a large volume of blood, so it is difficult to move up. The treatment is conservative to give you results in the initial phase of the disease. Assistance in the preparation of the daily menu, programs physical therapy and the choice of particular underwear will be a tracking specialist.

Drug therapy

Varicose veins in the legs can be treated by means of topical use include gels, creams, ointments. Some tools are very effective, they can prevent edema, reduce the fragility capillary, prevent the formation of blood clots, improve the elasticity of the blood vessels.

The use of drugs that have the ability to increase the venous return of the lower limbs in pill form also gives a positive effect on the improvement of the tone and normalize blood circulation in the legs.

Traditional medicine

In order to eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins can recipes of alternative medicine, which involves the use of an external fund (including, lotions) and internal (infusions, decoctions). Photos of results obtained after the application of the presented tools to confirm its effectiveness.


Help in the treatment of the symptoms of varicose veins will provide a compress of garlic. The crushed heads of a plant oil is added, the mixture is applied on the gauze and gently apply to the affected area. It is advisable to leave the application on all night. As effective lotion for varicose veins on your legs with milk, sour and wormwood. Better to use wormwood, she is shown in the photo.

Components in equal proportions are mixed and superimposed in the evening to the affected area, the skin is rinsed with hot water. A positive effect on the venous dilation of the blood vessels will have a treatment leaves of the shrub witch hazel. Its brewed Cup of boiling water and infused for 60 minutes, then strain and take 3 times a day.

To treat varicose veins is a decoction of the nettle – but cool and dry, on the contrary, can promote the coagulation of the blood. The leaves of nettle and dried for 4-5 days. Then, 300 grams of raw pour alcohol and insist 3 days. To get rid of the leaves, the broth should drain. Take before each meal.

Treatment of varicose veins should begin with the first symptoms and signs. Then, the prognosis becomes favorable, and the risk of complications is significantly reduced.